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Using Music Theory To Take Your Songs To Another Level

Top suggestions to take your songwriting to the following level with music theory

Nothing can be further from the truth.

It’s a significant blunder to constrain songs concept to the class and lock it behind the world of academics.

Far a lot of musicians think about music concepts absolutely nothing more than “book songwriting”, a path to cookie-cutter compositions, or a distillation of the magic of songwriting that turns this into something far more formulaic.

Sure, you may not hear all that many famous songwriters speaking about songs concept as it is shown in class today as the genesis of their inspiration– yet that’s due to the fact that a great deal of these innovative types desire you to assume more regarding the sorcery of their remarkable abilities as opposed to the foundational skills they created with the exact same music theory exercises we share below.

Regardless of the sort of music that you are composing for– whatever from classical opera to death steel and also everything in between– these music concept workouts are mostly likely to substantially raise your ability to make up much better, more impactful, as well as more purposeful songs.

Rather, think of songs theory and also the exercises we share in this quick overview as just one more tool in your musical production tool kit. You will certainly have the ability to leverage these properties when your back protests the wall surface, when you have struck an imaginative drought (as well as every artist does), or when you need to put a new twist on something that just does not seem to be coming together organically.

By concentrating on these essential basics you will certainly have the ability to bring something brand-new and amazing to the table, leveraging real skills to accompany your skill and also the capability to take your songwriting over the top.

If these 7 ideas and also methods below will certainly assist you to take points to the following degree, that’s for certain!

Let’s solve it!

Try odd measure signature
Plenty of wonderful songwriters started out with fairly basic, straightforward, and also almost ho-hum tracks when they were hitting the ground running however actually took points to the following level– as well as actually made their own mark on the planet of songs– by messing about with more odd or quirky time signatures.

A great means to think about these brand-new music chord extensions is to consider them added “shade”– an added state of mind– for the more standard chord progressions, you’re probably dealing with. These are the sort of flavors you intend to sprinkle in for a little of added taste, punching points when the moment is right.

The most radio-friendly songs on the planet is created in a conventional time signature of 4/4 or sometimes 3/4. And also while those signatures absolutely finish the job (if they really did not, most music wouldn’t use them) you might begin to feel your creativity yet stifled if you adhere to the exact same kind of trademark.

Utilize musical chord extensions to color your sound

Even if you have currently flawlessly understood the essential chord development in the world of songs, and also maybe are even starting to obtain a little bit bored with the “old school” approach, throwing him a couple of added sixths, sevenths, and also ninths can take things to totally new degrees– changing of your audio in enjoyable, energised, and also profound methods you might not have had the ability to otherwise.

Mess around with these settings until you find something that thrills you and after that dive right in.

The extremely initial major range that you bet your songs teacher when you are simply starting– often over as well as over (and over and over) once again– was nothing more than a “mode”.

All concepts will certainly inform you that there are 7 songs settings that bring various feelings and various taste to your songwriting, and tinkering with various modes for the kind of songs you are creating can let loose a lot of intriguing permutations that may not have come about organically.

Fiddle around with different settings

Plenty of individuals consider “modes” as nothing greater than a packed t-shirt song concept term pitched by those that live in the classroom rather than on phase or in the recording cubicle, yet that’s really nothing more than a fancier term for scales.

5/4 time signatures can damage you out this rut, and also Radiohead illustrates this more frequently than virtually anybody else available.

Establish a brand-new tonal pathway with the Circle of Fifths

If you seem like you are embedded a perpetual loophole of the exact same chord progressions running around over and also over as well as over again it might be time to start tinkering with a brand-new tonal pathway through the help of the Circle of Fifths.

It needs to come as not a surprise to any type of artist that you will be able to add quite a bit of dramatization into your music (and a lot of creative thinking) by including a bit of anticipation and a little bit of suspension every now and then.

Usage Roman Numeral analysis to see the forest for the trees

By offering each of your individual cords their very own specific Roman Character you can check out your whole song in a broad view sort of manner in which you could not have had the ability to elect, promptly identifying what works and also what doesn’t just base off of this aesthetic indication– without also needing to hear your song being played, to begin with.

Once more, Radiohead knocks this out of the park with their song LEAVE MUSIC.

Pink Floyd took things to the following level by running a 7/4 time signature for CASH, and while you could not have the very same type of musical chops that this epic rock band has (who does, truly) use it as ideas to take your own music to the following level as well.

It’s a fast means to detect your tracks without a lot of heavy lifting and also an easy means to identify interconnected partnerships in between each of your musical cables without a lot of time wasted in the studio or playing around on your tools.

At the end of the day, the music concept doesn’t need to put you to rest but can instead be a powerful tool in your artist’s toolbox to obtain the extremely a lot of out of your music, your noise, and also your creative thinking.

Not only will you have the ability to see precisely where you land today with the aid of this amazing little tool, yet you’re also most likely to have the ability to see various methods and offshoots– brand-new tonal paths– that are attached to the noise you’re developing already, pathways that may not have been right away noticeable before.

Expectancies are primarily non-chord tones that will undoubtedly deal with into a chord, whereas suspensions are tones that remain from the previous chord played. Like salt as well as pepper, you want to utilize them a little sparingly in your music, but similar to salt and pepper they’ll include a whole lot more taste to your songs and you might have believed or else.

Your major and also minor music cords are most likely to be the support of a lot of your songwriting, however, branching off of these basic chords will certainly open new avenues of creativity while drastically streamlining the production process also. Lessened and also augmented cables can transform something standard right into something really unique without you having to pour all types of “shine” on your music to get the very same kind of effect.

This helpful little visual guide has actually assisted a lot of songs theory students to break out of creative droughts, imagining specifically just how to attempt something brand-new musically and also accent without needing to throw everything in the garbage and also start from scratch.

Compose your music like a thriller

No, not always like the song THRILLER. Instead, you must be using the same sort of toolset that thriller storytellers and film writers make use of to include a great deal of suspension and expectancy to your music.

Streamline, streamline, simplify

While a lot of novice songwriters and musical musicians are wanting to toss just as several components right into a new pot of soup as feasible when preparing a song, top-tier professionals– some of the very best songwriters in history– are a whole lot a lot more interested in pulling as much out of their songs as humanly feasible, so long as they don’t take out any more than absolutely needed.

Simply see just how The Beach Boys had the ability to utilize decreased cables and also GOD ONLY UNDERSTANDS to take points to the next degree. They definitely were not utilizing autotune or other music examples of sleight-of-hand so preferred today to get these sorts of outcomes!

Try these tips out the next time you take a seat to create!